Zone3 Womens Aeroforce Trisuit Black

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Made from 100% Aeroforce fabric which is extremely light, durable, breathable and quick drying. It also features a high-tech water repellent coating for drag resistance both in and out of the water. Dunk this suit into the water and it will come out almost completely dry! 
Double layer of fabric around the chest made with Revolution Energy fabric which is designed to offer extra support, coverage.
50% disccount from 25th November to 3rd December
Limited to existing stock
Swim Suit style back - This is the design which the majority of top female triathletes now prefer. It gives unrestricted flexibility with ventilation on the back for optimum performance.
ITU legal in terms of logo size and placement.
Women's Specific Pad - A women's specific triathlon pad which is lightweight and supportive. Designed to give optimal protection during the cycle but also minimize water absorption. It will be there when you need it during the cycle but you will not even know it’s there during the swim or run. Also, new fine-line stitching to further reduce any irritation.
Silicone UFO leg grippers –Positioned on the inside knee to prevent any movement of the shorts whilst also helping to prevent irritation.
Flat locked stitching - Designed for maximum strength and minimum discomfort against the skin.
Elastic Technology and piping to give a snug fit without any discomfort around the arms and neck lines.
No pockets – Made without pockets on the back because we don’t want to slow you down! Most athletes racing Sprint or Olympic distance would choose to tape their energy bars onto their bike frame.


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