Arm Force Ultra Light Compressport

Arm Force Ultra Light Compressport

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ArmForce Ultralight
The Armforce Ultralight multisport sleeves are ideal for running, on trails, while biking or doing VTT. As a complete anti-UV apparel, it can be worn as everyday wear.



Thanks to the latest generation compression tubes, these arm sleeves compress precisely like no other.

Strategic muscles, well upheld, get oxygenated easily and efficiently.

Arms are guarded against cramps and aches.

Post-effort, recovery is greatly eased.



Bioceramic crystals integrated in the fibre facilitate optimal body thermoregulation during extreme effort.

Blood microcirculation is stimulated on the surface of the skin, which enables further thermoregulation.

As a genuine second skin, it protects arms from cold and are effective as anti-UV.



Extra-soft fibres make these sleeves the softest of all!

They allow free movements.

The elbow area is extremely flexible, avoiding any discomfort.

Ergonomic, these ultralight sleeves stay in place till the end.

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