Smell Well Black Shadow

Smell Well Black Shadow

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EFFECTIVE ODOR ELIMINATOR: This all natural shoe deodorizer inserts ensure that your smelly shoes are refreshed overnight. Our shoe smell remover not only removes any smells while leaving a fresh scent but also acts as a moisture absorber and odor eliminator all in one. Two refreshing benefits for a low price.

MOISTURE ABSORBER: Our swedish blend of activated charcoal and minerals, developed by chemists, absorbs moisture which removes the environment where smelly bacteria thrives in.

USER FRIENDLY: Our shoe deodorizer inserts are a perfect alternative to those uncomfortable insoles or inconvenient wet sprays. All you need to do is place the smellwell activated charcoal odor absorber in any pair of shoes, gym bags, gloves, lockers and closets overnight and it will keep them fresh dry and odor free while leaving a pleasant refreshing scent behind.

100% NATURAL: The smellwell shoe smell eliminator consists of 100% non-allergenic non-residual moso bamboo charcoal pouches that are not only gentle on the environment but also on your shoes. Place the natural fresh air purifying bags where air can circulate freely in order to refresh them after each use. Lasts up to 6 months if this is done effectively

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