Compressport R2 V2 Red

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The brand new R2 V2 calf sleeve keeps the outstanding features of its predecessor

Seamless multigradual compression for an outstanding feeling of strength, with an extreme durability, fun colours to match any race or team outfit.

+21,5% Oxygenation increasing

The R2 calf sleeve gives a long and lasting feeling of fresher and lighter legs as soon as you put them on

+32% Muscular vibration reduction

Absorption of shocks and vibrations on muscles, veins and joints increases your performance during the effort.

+29% Injury reduction

A Compressport study presented to the IOC (International Olympic Committee) shows a reduction of injuries by 29% thanks to the use of Compresport compression products

+20% Blood return increasing

Lactates and toxins are very effectively flushed

Significant Drains Lactid Acid

During the effort, your recovery is enhanced to delay fatigue during long races


Compressport has developed the K-Protect to help reduce this pain that affects more than 75% of ultra-trail runners.

The K-Protect is an ergonomic band which applies compression on the patellar tendon to provide extra knee support.

It reduces the vibrations up to 8% without hindering joint movement.

The K-Protect will be your best ally to push your speed and effort in steep downhill running, during hard intervals or fast-paced intense games

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