Compressport Ultra Run 140g Woman

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The first COMPRESSPORT® trail running back-pack, the ultra-minimalist benchmark for ultra-long distances.

Ultra-light, ultra-comfortable and maximum capacity…

It is the ideal trail running back-pack for running from 10 to 200 km !

Ultra-light and minimalist

Ultra-light materials inspired by hang gliders.
Extra extendable mesh pockets that can quadruple their volume and at the same time prevent bouncing.
Removal of all unnecessary accessories: no heavy buckles, no zips that catches, no reinforcement.

Ultra confort

The ergonomic design has been created to allow the runner to create complete comfort for races of 100km plus, without irritations or pressure on sensitive points like the elbows, trapezius or the back.
It is worn very high, like a bra. In this way it prevents from any bouncing on the lower back and it assures a maximum comfort even when the back-pack is full of all the obligatory equipment required for an Ultra-trail runner.

Ventilation 360º
No overheating because of its light weight structure.
This boosts the exchange of air inside/outside as well as a 360º ventilation.
An ingenious tightening/untightening system
In order to avoid damages and dif



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