Compressport R2 Oxygen Blue

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An exclusive COMPRESSPORT Technology, the hyperventilated fibre, characterizes the new R2 Oxygen. It offers maximum support to the calf, tibia and Achilles tendon, reducing muscle vibrations by 30%. By increasing  muscle oxygenation by 17% and venous flow by 10% to 15%, it limits aches and swollen legs after effort. Ultralight at only 11g, it causes no restriction during the most intense efforts.

The R2 Oxygen completes COMPRESSPORT® range of calf sleeves and offers to pro athletes the most performing high-tech sleeves ever! On trail, triathlon or marathon tracks, performance, protection, comfort and freedom of movement will reach high levels.


Targeted graduated compression at calf level brings oxygen to the muscles.

Muscles perform better on longer distances and recover faster after effort.

Ventilation bands directly integrated in the ultra-extensible fibre allow optimal oxygenation of the muscles.


Muscles, being fully supported, stay strong - ideal on long distance races.

Shock absorber, the R2 Oxygen increases resistance to effort.

Muscle injury is limited by 29%.

An ergonomic tab supports and protects the patellar tendon against vibrations.

Knees are well protected during descents and speedy technical trails.


Worn before effort, it allows fast recovery and keeps calves fresh and rested.

Worn after effort, it ensures light legs free of soreness and swelling.

It reduces significantly lactic acid in muscles for faster recovery.

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