Running Under Control Short Woman

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Developed in Switzerland, the Running Under Control Shorts significantly improve your performances and accelerate recovery. Designed for runners in search of muscle protection and comfort, they will help you run longer, faster without pain. Wear the Running Under Control Shorts during your running session to reduce muscle pain and delay muscle fatigue as they stimulate blood circulation and increase muscle oxygenation. Your thighs are toned and resist longer to extended exercises. More ventilated, more pleasant to wear, the Running Under Control shorts are made out of high quality fibres that do not retain water. They offer great thermoregulation to protect your body from temperatures changes. Flat seams at the waist, compression without seams... They do not cause friction or unpleasant irritation. The Running Under Control shorts for women are the ultimate running shorts supporting your muscles so that you only focus on your performance. With their feminine cut and its smart design, these shorts offer an elegant and dynamic look.

T0: 44-49 cm

T1: 49-54cm

T2: 54-59cm

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