Sporcks Socks Leaves Tie Dye

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Unisex running sock with greater support in the ankle and metatarsal area. It has a medium level of compression that helps blood circulation and reduces inflammation in longer races. The heel and toe are made of terrycloth to minimize impact and create a greater feeling of comfort. In addition, it prevents and prevents the appearance of blisters.


Pair weight: 45gr for size S
100% made in Spain.
S4 shank height.
Breathable mesh.
Mainly made of Coolmax® and Meryl®.
What is Coolmax®? It optimizes the thermoregulation of the skin and transfers the sweat to the surface so that it evaporates quickly. Coolmax® fabrics are made of polyester fibers. These special fibers have a 25% greater surface area than a conventional thread, providing a transport system that moves moisture away from the body to the outside, where it dries faster than in any other fabric.

What is Meryl®? It combines an exceptionally soft touch with the durability and robustness of nylon. Polyamide Meryl stretches up to 5 times its length with excellent recovery. It is totally breathable, managing to transport moisture to the outside and dry it quickly.


Nylon: 2%
Elastane: 19%
Lycra: 10%
Meryl®: 50%
Coolmax: 19%


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